Vegas In The B​-​Sides

by Helicopter Goes KABOOM!

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"Vegas In The B-Sides" is an EP of B-Sides/Original Mixes from our album "Vegas In The Basement." These tracks are from late 2009-early 2010. None of these tracks made the album except for "Interracial Sects", although the version of "Interracial Sects" that appears on "Vegas In The Basement" is completely remixed from this original version.

The Tracks on this EP capture me and BDEE at the extremely early stages of the recording process for the album, a time when we really had no other care in the world than making the craziest shit possible. Much like how our first album "Heaven's a Hailstorm" was recorded, me and BDEE made these tracks secluded in my basement and they are entirely performed/produced by us, the only cameo spot coming from my Mother.

In my mind "Party Got Started" was going to open up the album, a decision I thought was final until "Patriot Boogie" came along. "Pubic Sentiments (The World Is War) is a marathon of a song that originated from a crazy video-game sounding montage that BDEE put together. I would listen to his original instrumental mix in my headphones and walk the hallways of Hunter College until lyrics such as "I dreamed of meeting you in a waste-land, I tried hard not to let you die" came into my head. This track actually appeared on a 2010 compilation mix called "Crude Oil" that our friends at Dinosaurs In Vietnam" put out. The track "Actions Of A Crazed Person" was thought up while me and BDEE were sitting at a table in a Diner on Long Island with a bunch of our friends and it contains some guitar and vocal harmonies that I am really proud of.

"No One Can Stop Us" might be the most absurd track I've ever been a part of, my Mother Rosemary Carrillo McManus provides the Vocals by way of rapping a cake recipe over an astonishingly psychotic BDEE instrumental. BDEE himself can be heard screaming like a phantom hyena. I come in at the end with some fat bass lines and the chant "With Mountain Tounge and Senses Blurred, I do my part to find the worm." "Wonders Of Why We Didn't Fuck" I don't think made the final cut of "Vegas In The Basement" because in subject and sound I think it was too similar to "Sex Me Please" although it features a breathtaking vocal performance by BDEE and some dreamy synthesizers.

I hope you enjoy this EP "Vegas In The B-Sides." It was made purely out of love at a time when we had no idea what "Vegas In The Basement" would look, sound, or feel like. Peace to all of you and keep it positive. I'll have a Heineken and BDEE will have an Arizona Iced-Tea, thanks.

- Michael "Don Miguel" McManus

11/14/12 1:38 A.M.


released November 14, 2012



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Helicopter Goes KABOOM! New York, New York

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